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Growing up in Liberia West Africa, cooking was the most important thing that I was taught to do. Creating flavors to fit the day of the week is one of the ways most Liberians cook and that creativity was what made me fall in love with cooking. 

Back in Liberia, we don't usually use measuring cups or spoons,  we cook by just watching and repeating what we see so you can imagine my frustration coming to the US and reading a recipe… Oh My Gosh! After several failed attempts of measuring and reading recipes, I discovered you tube!

I used to watch the videos without sound just to connect with the art. Soon, I was able to make a darn good lasagna, followed by meatloaf, then she crab soup and so many others. I will watch the art, I will go and eat the food at a restaurant, then I will feel the taste for it in myself and recreate it. After a while, I got some confidence to have friends over to eat and from then on, they can’t stop coming. Hahahaha I love That!!

While I am very grateful  that my husband, children and friends love the food that I make, I am ready to share that passion with the world.

If you are here, I hope you are hungry and ready to cook some fantastic food. 


Thanks for the love


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