African Vegan Burger

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Dinner Made easy for busy Nights.

While growing up in Liberia West Africa, someone being a Vegan or Vegetarian was a mystery read about in books. I had never met nor did I ever know about a person who didn't eat meat so the idea of food without meat was just weird. Fast forward fifteen years later, the food world has turned where now, eating meat all the time is becoming the "weirdness". Hahahaha

Cooking should be fun, laugh out loud at yourself

Thank God for Google.

In recent years, most of my friends have become vegans and since I am usually the host of food, I have had to learn how to cook Vegan foods and that have been interesting. They eat things that I had never herd of "#tofu" " " never cooked nor know how to pronounce for heavens sake. Oh Em GEEE! I used to laugh at myself so hard when I will try to ask people at the grocery store for where to find a product and I myself didn't know what the product look like or how to say it's name... hahahaha "#thankGodforgoogle! hahahaha!"

Learn to cook outside your comfort zone

When I first started learning how to cook Vegan food, it was scary. With my style of cooking, (#Africanastyle) I didn't know what to expect a vegan meal to taste like, what will my friends and family think? I was so terrified to cook and invite people over to eat but heck, I did it anyways and they loved it! There were things that some people didn't like and then there were things that everyone really loved and that my friends, is the beauty of cooking. It's like art "the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" in the case of food, "the taste is in the mouth of the beholder". Learning to cook vegan foods which is way outside my comfort zone of cooking was vary scary for me but now a year later, I am writing recipes for Vegan Foods and I Love It!

You don't have to be Vegan to eat Vegan FOOD!

Creating beautiful food is awesome

Now eating vegan food is a regular style of eating in my house. I have even started creating Vegan meals with African seasonings. One of my children's favorite African Vegan meal, is this delicious veggie burger seasoned with my MaMa Africa season blend. You should try it #mamaafricaseasoning @ The Market

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