Monster Donuts.

How to create funny monster donuts that the whole family can enjoy making together.

Bring all the kids around and create this fun and easy Halloween art together. Decorating donuts, cookies and fruits during the month of October is a Halloween tradition in my home. From the first day of October, every desert in my home is decorated as spooky and scary as our imagination can go and it is just so much fun. You should try it.

Playful families have all the fun

Make one fun story everyday that your kids will tell .

My very favorite part of making spooky deserts everyday during the month of October is that it helps bring the kid-ful side out of my husband and I again and that's just so much fun. I especially love it when we make it a friendly match between girls and guys and or kids against parents, it's just the greatest times and we all enjoy it so much.

Here is a quick video my daughter JanJay and I made to show you how to make our Funny Monster Donuts.

Making Monster Donuts


- Donuts (Our favorite, Your Mom's Donuts)

- Eatable eyes

- Fine ground green sugar

- Whipped Vanilla Icing

- Whipped Chocolate icing

- Decorating press

- Spoon or butter knife for spreading

Hope you enjoy watching and hopefully enjoy this fun with your family or friends.

What are some of your family traditions during a Holiday or a celebrated day?

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