Your Grandma's Collards

How to cook Fresh collards like your grandma's collards.

Nope, Not all collards are created equal. Here is an old school twist from my grandmothers kitchen.

First-thing-is first

Can Collards are Not Collards.


- 2 hand full brunches of Fresh Collards

- 2 table spoon Mama Africa Seasoning (Buy Now) Buy locally Rhino Market and Deli

- 1/2 lb smoked turkey.

SOLD locally at Harris Teeter or Compare Foods.

(You could also use Smoked Fish or Pork)

- 1/2 cup Olive oil

- 1/2 cup water

- 1 small onion chopped

- 1 small green bell pepper chopped ( you can play here and change color of pepper to match the season that you are in).

Total cook time: 15 minute

Chopped up everything. SEE how to cut collards below.


Turn heat to mid-high

In a deep cooking pot add oil and heat it up

Add onions and peppers and fry till onions are light brown

Add Collards, smoked turkey and seasoning ( Mama Africa ) stir up ingredients to mix well.

Low heat to medium, cover pot and continue frying

After 5 minute, stir up greens by flipping sections of it over to continue frying

Repeat this one more time, then add your water

Low head to mid-low, cover pot and cook for another 5 minutes

Take off heat and enjoy.

Vegan This Recipe: Follow same direction above but minus the turkey and it's just as delicious

What to eat this collard with:

You can eat this collard with rice, by itself, or put it in a wrap.

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How To Cut Collards: Three easy steps to cut fresh collard greens.

Wash, Fold, and Cut

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